Thursday, August 22, 2013

Crab Apples & Roasting Chickens

Well the harvesting has begun at Garside's Fruit Farm!  We have crab apples available now, get your orders in quick before they are all gone.

These delicious little apples are great for jams, jellies, wine or even added to your cider.  Crab apples are the most fragrant apple I know, I love picking them just for their smell.

These apples are available for $1.00/lb.  If you are interested give us a call at 604.556.4273 or email us at  Or you can 'Like' us on Facebook and even send us a message there.

We also have our free range roasting chickens available - these chickens are fed a top quality, locally produced grain, have access to outside pasture, and are given no hormones or antibiotics.  They are professionally processed, and flash frozen.  These chickens are available for $4.00/lb.

In the very near future we will be starting to pick our Gravenstein Apples and Bartlett Pears.  We have very limited quantity of Gravenstein Apples, but we have tons of Bartlett Pears!  The Gravensteins will be $1.25/lb and we are now only taking orders on a wait list to see what we get off the tree.  The Bartlett Pears are going to be available for $1.00/lb.  Get your orders in quick!

Following the Bartlett Pears and Gravensteins will be our Bramley and Boskoop Apples!

Please give us a call at 604.556.4273, email us at or 'Like' us on Facebook.  If you have questions, comments or would like to place orders.

At Garside's Fruit Farm we pride ourselves on being Local, Fresh and Organic.

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