Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What we have available

Currently we have these apples available:

Gloster - A delicious tangy apple, deep red in colour. Great for eating or baking.

Boskoop - A semi sweet apple, great for eating or baking.

Bramley - A very hard and tart apple. Great for baking, rated #1 baking apple in the world, absolutely delicious for pies.

Jonagold - A delicious semi sweet, crisp apple. Great for eating, and baking.

Coming soon:

Northern Spy Apples: Order now to secure your apples!

By Order only is our Anjou Pears.

Come see us at the farm anytime, or call/email ahead of time and we will have your order ready for you. :)

The farm is located at 6624 Bradner Road, in Abbotsford, British Columbia.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Our Gloster Apples are now ready! We will be picking them this next week and are taking orders. We are now done our time at The Abbotsford Farm and Country Market for the 2008 season. If you are wanting any more of our apples you now can only preorder them from the farm.

We have available:

Gloster Apples
Boskoop Apples
Bramley Apples
Jonagold Apples
Spartan Apples

We are sold out of our picked and U-pick Hazelnuts for this season.

Coming soon are our Northern Spy Apples and Anjou Pears. We are taking pre-orders for these.

Call 604.556.4273 or email garsidesfruitfarm@shaw.ca to place your order.

Monday, October 6, 2008

What we currently have available...

Currently this is what we have available at the farm:


and Hazelnuts (U-pick and already picked)

What we will have available at the Abbotsford Farm and Country Market this holiday weekend:

All the apples mentioned, as wells as:

and Corn on the Cob

If you are interested in our Winter Pears (Anjou) they are available only by Order. So if you are interested in ordering some please contact us by phone 604.556.4273 or email us at garsidesfruitfarm@shaw.ca

We are also taking pre-orders for our Northern Spy Apples. They should be ready around the end of October.