Sunday, October 6, 2013

Autumn = Apple Season!

With the arrival of Autumn means the arrival of more varieties of apples here at Garside's Fruit Farm.

Currently we have available:

Bramley and Boskoop Apples available, and in the next week or so we will have Jonagold and Gloster Apples.  At the end of the month we will have our Northern Spy Apples.  The apples are available for $1.25/lb with the exception of our Bramley Apple they are $1.50/lb.

Also available now is our Free Range Roasting Chickens - the chickens are fed a top quality locally produced grain from Ross Down Farms.  They are given no hormones or antibiotics or any animal by-products.  They have access to outside pasture.  Professionally processed at Farm Fed Processors and then flash frozen.  The roasting chickens are available for $4.00/lb and the average size frozen is about six to seven pounds.  Some smaller and larger available.

We have had alot of requests and phone calls regarding if we offer U-Pick Hazelnuts anymore.  Unfortunately we do not have Hazelnuts anymore.  :(

With Thanksgiving fast approaching you may want to think about your holiday cooking and baking.  At Garside's Fruit Farm we have you covered, with our large tasty chickens (instead of a Turkey), and loads of great baking apples for your pies.  We even have Acorn and Kabocha Squashes available.  We even have some great apple pie recipes to share if you ask.

If you have any questions, or orders please feel free to contact us via Email at via phone at 604.556.4273 or through Facebook.  "Like" us on Facebook and send us a message.  In fact you can even text us your order to the phone number listed above.

If you would like to stop by the farm you can do so 7 days a week.  We have a self serve station set up, with a scale and payment drop box.