Saturday, November 24, 2012

We are still OPEN!!

Hello Everyone!

Just to give you a quick update, we still have apples available, and some are even On Sale!!

Currently we have Northern Spy Apples, Gloster Apples, Boskoop Apples, Bramley Apples and Jonagold Apples available.

There are not very many left of the Gloster, Boskoop and Bramley Apples.  So if you are interested, let us know very soon and we can set them aside for you.

The Bramley and Jonagold Apples are ON SALE!! Regular price is $1.25/lb, now only $1.00/lb.

The Gloster, Boskoop and Northern Spys are available for $1.25/lb.

The Gloster, Northern Spy and Boskoop apples if stored correctly will last well into the New Year.  All these apples are delicious apples for both Baking and Eating (with the exception of the Bramley - it is primarily used for baking as it is very tart).

If you are interested and would like to order any fruit, please do not hesitate to contact us either via email at or via phone at 604.556.4273.   You can even text the phone number with your questions, and orders!

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