Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pears and Apples!

With all this great Summer like weather we are having it has made picking the apples and pears a breeze.

We have a terrific crop of Bartlett Pears this year! If you are interested in ordering any, get your orders in quick as these pears will be gone before you know it!  The Bartlett Pears are available for $0.75 per pound.

Also available is our Prima Apples.  These are available for $1.00 per pound.  These are a terrific eating apple, and make a delicious apple sauce or juice.  Please get your orders in quick for these apples as we will sell out soon.

Coming soon!! Our Bramley and Boskoop Apples are looking great.  We are starting the picking this weekend.  If you have your orders in for these apples check your email, as we will be putting together the orders soon.  If you have not got your order in for either of these apples, do so soon.  These apples are becoming more and more popular each year, as more people discover them.  Both these apples are "keeper" apples, if store correctly they can keep till well into winter.  These apples are terrific for baking with, when I make a pie, I do a combination of these two apples.  They nicely compliment each other and make a terrific tasting creation.  These apples are available for $1.25 per pound.

We still have our great free range roasting chickens available for $3.75 per pound.  These chickens were allowed access to outside pasture, fed a top quality, locally produced grain and were given no antibiotics or hormones.  I can guarantee these will be the tastiest chickens you will ever eat.

Unfortunately, we will not be offering U-pick Hazelnuts at the farm at this time.  We are disappointed with this as it was quite a nice afternoon activity many families came to love.  Our trees have succumbed to the hazelnut blight that most of the nut groves have already had in the province.  We will be taking these trees out and starting over.  Luckily hazelnut trees grow fast, and we may be able to offer this great activity again soon.

Apples coming in the future: Jonagold, Northern Spy and Gloster.  These will all be available for $1.25/lb.

If anyone is interested in some "windfall" or "seconds" we have approximately ten pounds of Gravensteins left.  These are available for $0.50 per pound.  If interested email or call right away as these will not last!

Remember to "Like" us on Facebook, we post updates and "deals" as well as up to date pictures.  Check us later today, as I will be posting pictures of some pears and Prima Apples.

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