Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Welcome to a new year

I hope that everyone is enjoying their winter and looking forward to spring/summer. At Garsides Fruit Farm we definately are, and hoping that it will be a great fruit year.

We still have our delicious free-range roasting chickens available for sale at $3.50 per pound. Get your orders in quick as our stocks are dwindling. We will be raising more chickens starting in early Spring. These chickens have been fed top-quality, locally produced grain, allowed access to outside pasture and were given no hormones or antibiotics.

As a reminder we do take pre-orders for all our products, so if there is certain items you wish to order we do recommend a pre-order to ensure you able to receive the quantity you desire, as we do sell out of most fruits quickly. Just call or email us with any questions or pre-orders.

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